Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

White River Valley Mission Statement

Mission Cornerstones Defined:


Our use of rigor is not meant to reference “difficult or hard”.  We believe an effective curriculum must include an opportunity for students to be provided with advanced study in a diverse area of disciplines.  For White River Valley Middle School, rigor is defined as a condition of the learning environment, which stretches the individual learner to move beyond his/her current comfort zone and grow as an independent learner (Hibbard).


Our goal is to provide the greatest possible lessons emphasizing skills of inquiry, problem solving, and analysis relevant to becoming a member of modern society.


The development of positive relationships is becoming increasingly important as it relates to the growth of out students.  Students need to interact with adults, and peers, who both help them to focus on their futures and model the appropriate civic and social connectedness.  We believe that students and adults alike, must be known as indiviuals, treated with respect and fairness in all situations, and celebrated when they meet and exceed expectations.  It is out desire for all school community members to interact with a diversity of the population and have the potential to make connections within the overall community.

White River Valley Vision Statement

Everyone Counts/Everyone Matters

With the White River Valley Middle School Mission Statement in mind, we commit and ensure that our focus remains on the three cornerstones of rigor, relevance, and relationships each and every day.  Further, through this focus we will work to promote the philosophy that everyone counts and everyone matters.