Community Profile

Community Profile

The White River Valley Middle School in Lyons, Indiana is one of three school buildings that make up the White River Valley School Corporation. This school came into existence as a separate entity in August 1990, as a result of the physical consolidation of Central School at Switz City, L & M School at Lyons, and Worthington Jefferson School at Worthington.

White River Valley Middle School, located in Greene County, is comprised of the townships of Jefferson, Smith, Fairplay, Grant, Washington, Stafford, and Cass. There are approximately 220 students in grades fifth through eighth in the WRV Middle School, and approximately 28 staff members. The staff includes a principal, secretary, treasurer, nurse, athletic director, guidance counselor, middle school teachers, instructional assistants, and support staff.

Diverse and innovative methods of instruction are implemented in a safe environment to ensure quality educational opportunities for all students. The curriculum surpasses state requirements in many areas and standardized test scores indicate academic achievement above average to superior. Students are well prepared in academic areas to meet the challenges of high school.

The average family income in this district is low, the rate of unemployment is high and a significant percentage of area residents are retired and living on modest fixed incomes. Economic and cultural opportunities in the White River Valley school district are minimal. There are a few visible industries in the immediate area and these utilize a preponderance of unskilled or semi-skilled labor. Professional and skilled technicians find limited employment; therefore, few reside in this district. However, the Indiana Workforce Development Center and the E. O. C. are constantly making an effort to encourage other businesses to move into the area.

A major attraction found within WRV Middle School’s attendance area is the Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area.  “In 2000, the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service purchased permanent easement from the former land owner and began restoration of the wetland and wildlife habitat on the property. Restoration efforts include over 30 miles of earthen dikes, 400 acres of tree plantings, 1,400 acres of prairie restoration, nearly 4,000 acres of shallow water with observation towers offering birds-eye views. ( “  Goose Pond FWA is a destined to become a Midwestern tourists, wildlife watchers and hunters paradise.

There is a very limited number of cultural and artistic endeavors in the immediate area. However, Indiana University, Indiana State University, Vincennes University and two Ivy Tech Colleges are within a fifty mile radius of this area, enabling residents in this agrarian environment to partake of such an opportunity.

As with most small rural communities, the school environment predominately provides the social, cultural, recreational and intellectual needs of its patrons.