Supply Lists


White River Valley Middle School     Student Supply List 2018-2019

August 9th First Student Day

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th & 8th Grade

6/8 pencils #2 lead

2/pkgs. of #2 lead pencils

# 2 lead pencils

Black pens (erasable) and red pens

2/pkgs. of ink pens (blue or black only)

Blue or black ink pens only

3 pocket folders


3 composition Notebooks

3 1-subject wide ruled notebook paper (no loose leaf)

1 pkg. Expo Dry erase markers

Tablets or lined paper

(college-ruled preferred)

Small art box

2 folders

1 – 3 subject spiral notebook

2 black dry erase markers

1 pkg. basic markers

4 – 2 pocket folders

Crayons or colored pencils

1 basic calculator

Expo markers (3 to 4 colors)

2 glue sticks


Highlighters (4 to 5 colors)

2 large boxes Kleenex


1 pkg. colored pencils

Ear buds

Ruler (clear)

1 pkg. markers

1 pair of scissors

Protractor (clear)

1 full sized pair of scissors

2 black sharpie markers

2 large boxes Kleenex

Calculator (Texas Instrument 30X-A)

Post-It Notes

Donation items:

Ipad charger

paper plates, cups, Ziploc bags, hand

2 pkgs. index cards (3x5)

sanitizer, napkins, disinfecting wipes

6 glue stick tubes

1 pkg. mini hot glue gun refill sticks

2 boxes of tissues

1 bottle hand sanitizer